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New Castle is a New Castle County, Delaware city situated along the Delaware River. It is located six miles south of Wilmington and is home to roughly 5,300 residents. The city consists of many historical and small neighborhoods, while larger neighborhoods are found surrounding the city limits. The New Castle Historic District consists of a four by five block square in the center of town, and it contains 500 historic buildings ranging from years 1700-1940 in origin. New Castle is served by the local Colonial School District, but private schools like Talls Oaks Classical School and the Serviam Girls Academy are also located here.

There are a variety of interesting attractions located in this small city. Many of them are historical in nature, including the New Castle Court House and the Read House and Gardens. Outdoor recreation is popular in this community, and in particular, visitors often enjoy the walking paths and river view at Battery Park. The New Castle Farmer’s Market provides local produce available for fair prices, and the Old Library Museum offers stunning architecture. Other notable attractions include Amstel House, the Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix, and the Museum of the American Road.

Throughout the course of the year, New Castle residents will deal with a variety of weather conditions. Summer temperatures average in the upper-70s, but thermostat readings can reach the 90s many days throughout the season. High humidity levels will make it feel even warmer, and without an efficient air conditioning system, indoor temperatures could become stiflingly uncomfortable. Likewise, winter weather is cool to cold with variable snowfall, and some years see significant snowstorms that prevent residents from leaving their homes, as driving conditions can quickly become dangerous. A reliable home furnace or heat pump system can keep indoor temperatures comfortable while preventing plumbing and pipes from freezing.